WorldwideSatellites Warranty

WWS Warranty packages are affordable and recommended for the products
we offer this service. WWS Warranty gives you peace of mind your electronic
device doesn't fail within a certain time frame. If the manufacturer website
doesn't exist or located overseas this is the true benefit of WWS Warranty.

Why should I get WWS Warranty?

Without the WWS Extended Warranty you have limited or no warranty from the
manufacturers. Often Times Manufacturer warranty is overseas which gets expensive and time consuming to ship back and forth. With the WWS Warranty
we repair or replace a unit even if the company is no longer in business.

Why do other Free to Air sellers offer 1 year Manufacturer Warranty for free?

Itís hard to sell electronics with no warranty, vendors have to advertise warranty. The reality is manufacturers do offer limited warranty for free however think of these 3 very common scenarios:
1) What is the manufacturer website? Often timeís manufacturers donít have official websites making it difficult
to find answers.
2) Where is the warranty return address? Many manufacturers are located overseas in Asian with no warranty
center in North America.
3) You bought a product but the manufacturer is out of business or the brand/model is discontinued.

What does WWS Warranty cover?

  • Coverage to protect against normal wear and tear, as well as mechanical and electrical failure
  • One-time replacement if product cannot be repaired
  • WWS Warranty covers 1 way shipping charges.
  • No hidden deductibles

How does WWS Warranty work?

If the product you're ordering on offers WWS Warranty, select the package you prefer. We will keep your serial number on file in case you need to make any claims in the future. To make a claim you will email us with your order # and serial number, briefly explain the problem and await our instructions.
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