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 nFusion Nova   

nFusion Nova

nFusion Nova FTA digital satellite receiver is the new generation of FTA solutions. Full wireless capabilities will allow you to get the nFusion Nova integrated seamlessly into your wireless networks, therefore allowing this nFusion Nova FTA receiver to be a complete...

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Sale Price: $149.99USD

 nFusion HD High Definition  <B>**SOLD OUT**</B>   

nFusion HD High Definition **SOLD OUT**

The nFusion HD is the top of the line high definition FTA receiver from nFusion. It has a big list of features including HDMI output for an amazing HD picture quality, Dolby digital surround sound, 2x USB port for connecting an external PVR hard drive for recording and much...

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 Reg. Price: $399.99USD

Sale Price: $279.99USD

 nFusion Phoenix   

nFusion Phoenix

The nFusion Phoenix is the latest standard definition FTA satellite receiver from nfusion. This is an upgrade from the wildly popular nFusion Nova and Solaris by adding a faster processor and more memory. All the same features plus more nFusion power....

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 Reg. Price: $229.99USD

Sale Price: $99.99USD

 nFusion Solaris <b>**Discontinued & Sold Out**</b>   

nFusion Solaris **Discontinued & Sold Out**

The nFusion Solaris is the new replacement FTA receiver for the very popular nFusion Nova. Like all nFusion models, it has an ethernet port for network IP-PVR and factory updates. It is wireless-ready so you can use wireless power line bridges with this receiver.Clearance...

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 Reg. Price: $189.00USD

Sale Price: $59.99USD

Displaying 4 products