Getting Started with Android TV

What is Android TV?

Android is one of the most popular Operating Systems made by Google. The same Android OS you find on
Popular Mobile Phones and Tablets is now being used on a TV box. WorldWideSatellites carries the very
popular MyGica brand which is the leaders in the Android TV market.

turn any televison into a smart tv

Why MyGica Android TV?

Android TV is the future of Television Entertainment. There are many brands entering the North American
Market with low quality boxes, no licenses or safety standards certificates, No support or help line, No
Warranty or Warranty only in China, fake specifications, Clones/Counterfeits and cheaply made.

MyGica Advantages:

  • 1 Year Warranty. Service centers located in Canada & USA
  • Free Support by Forum and by Toll free phone number
  • HDMI License, UL listed and Applies to North American Safety Standards
  • Real Actual specifications with Name brand Processor and Memory.
  • Highest Quality Products with Serial Numbers
  • Custom firmware builds for XBMC
  • Free Android OS updates and improvements

What are the differences between all the MyGica Models?

Click here for a comparison chart

Here are some of the things you can do on your MyGica
Android TV Box.

google playstore
watch netflix, hulu, youtube
XBMC media center
Skype video chat
Office 365
Listen to music
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