Get Started with FTA (Free To Air)

Before Getting Started with Free to Air Satellite lets us explain what FTA is:
Free to Air (FTA) channels are digital channels that are not encrypted by a service provider and require no
subscription or monthly payment. They are provided free of charge by the provider and are perfectly legal to
receive with an FTA receiver. You will need a Satellite dish and a clear view of the Southern Sky.

Unencrypted / Unscrambled = Free TV / Free to Air
Encrypted / Scramble = Requires you to subscribe to the service provider.

1 Determining Satellite to Aim At

Search by Country:

North America
Free TV
Free Radio
South America
Free TV
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Search by Language:

** Search by Language list (ftalist) may not be updated
as often as Search by Country (lyngsat).

In Canada & USA we're able to pick up satellites 61 Degrees west to 139 Degrees west.
Certain Parts of Canada & USA can pick up Atlantic Satellites 1 Degrees west to 61 Degrees west

Looking for Professional /College Sports or News/Weather?
Find the Latest Wildfeed and Backhauls

2 Checking Appropriate Band

Once you determine the satellite(s) you wanted from Step #1, you need to determine which type of dish is

Ku-Band Satellite (10.7GHz to 14.5GHz) requires at least 30 inches or bigger satellite dish. Most common size dish for Ku Band is 80cm to 90cm Dish.

C-Band Satellite (3600 MHz to 7025MHz) requires a much bigger size dish. In the past you would only use BUD dishes (Big Ugly Dish) which range from 6ft to 10ft. We would recommend using a minimum 1.2Meter Dish for best results however some hobbyists are experimenting with 90CM Dish.

Two ways to determine if the satellite is KU Band or C-band:
1. Look at Lyngsat Website. If it's a 4 digit frequency on the far left, it's broadcasted on C band. If it's a 5
digit frequency, then it's being broadcasted in Ku Band.
2. Look at Lyngsat Website. If the Beam is C on the far right, Its C-band. If the Beam is KU, then its being
broadcasted in Ku-Band.

3 Determine Dish Size

Now that you have determined which satellite you desire, below will tell you the recommended dish size

America Region
Atlantic Region

The recommended dish size is general reference, it's better to go bigger than smaller for stronger signal.

4 Single or Multiple Satellites

If you want more than 1 satellite look at the degree's. If it's less than 25 degree's a part from each other
you can use a multi LNB bracket, please find below our brackets:

FTA Brackets

If you want to pick up wild feeds or multiple satellites which are further than 25 degree's you will need a
motorized system, please find below our motors:

FTA Motors

5 Installation

If you're looking for a Professional Installer to help point your dish, check out:
you can use a multi LNB bracket, please find below our brackets:

For those DIY (Do it yourselfers) below are the basics:

Find a Place for your Dish
Find the Coordinates for your Area
Use a Satellite finder to help fine tune your signal

Additional items for DIY installations:

Free to Air Satellite offers plenty of Free Legal TV Channels with only 5 Steps to get started.
We strongly advise our customers to always do their own research before getting started with Free to Air to
determine if this technology meets you're Needs. Whether you're looking for Free Satellite TV or Free
Local HDTV or Free IPTV, has all the equipment you need to enjoy Free TV!

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