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As a WWS Rewards Points program member, you'll earn 1 point for every $1
you spend at You can use your reward points on
anything you purchase at a (Redemption is not yet
available at our Offline Store's)

* Points are calculated by the product value and doesn't include shipping or taxes.
How easy is it to earn?
•Register a new FREE account and get 50 Bonus points. ** Existing customers prior to June 8th 2010 get 100 bonus points • After purchasing and receiving your order, leave a review to earn additional 50
bonus points.
Money Spent @ Points Cash Value towards any product @
$250 300* $9
$499 500 $15
$799 800 $24
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WWS Rewards Points program is more than just points. As a member, you can
take advantage of exclusive welcome benefits, special offers and contests.
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It's easy to join the WWS Rewards Points program. There's no fee to join and no
ongoing membership fee. Enroll in this program by registering an account here or
when you purchase a product on our site, an account is automatically created for
for more information, see Frequently Asked Questions