Traxis are official dealers of the Traxis receivers. Full Warranty offered on Traxis products. The New Traxis DBS 6000 HD is one of the smallest High Definition Free to Air receivers on the market today.

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 Traxis DBS4000 with EasyFind Digital Technology   

Traxis DBS4000 with EasyFind Digital Technology

Introducing the revolutionary new system, the Traxis DBS 4000 Easy Signal Finder System! With the Easy Signal Finder System, no need for an installer and spending countless hours reading poorly written instructions or trying to find the satellite you want. Armed with a few...

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 Reg. Price: $159.99USD

Sale Price: $149.00USD

 Traxis DBS6000 HD   

Traxis DBS6000 HD

WorldWideSatellites are authorized resellers for the Traxis DBS6000 High Definition receiver.Are you tired of MPEG4 receivers designed for Europe with big useless SCART sockets on the back? Receivers that don't work well or have missing or poorly designed functions?Here is your...

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 Reg. Price: $169.99USD

Sale Price: $149.99USD

Displaying 2 products